Dedication     Determination      Discipline

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$260 for the year.  One-week boot camp and camping trips.  If the young men graduate from boot camp they are issued the camouflaged uniform and are part of the unit. 

Dates for Summer 2016
Will be posted in May 2016

Camp Valor veterans and Boot Camp grads
Basic School: July 
Advanced School: July 

 Get motivated or get out!

A camp for boys.   Regular (8-17 yrs).

Welcome to Camp Valor, a faith-based non-profit program. This is a program for young men from the ages of 8-17!

  • They are challenged physically by running and going through and obstacle course.
  • They are challenged emotionally by demanding discipline from them.
  • They are challenged spiritually by studying the Bible and learning how to apply it in their lives.

We are not a correctional program.  However, we believe our young men need discipline. More importantly, they need to connect with the manly attributes God has blessed them with and has planned for them when He created them.  It is a tough program.  Every young man that has completed the training has made positive changes in their lives. Even their parents are excited!

Our annual program begins in June.  We encourage all parents of young men interested to register early and pay all fees by June 06, 2015.  Monthly payments are accepted.

You can help
the young boys by donating towards equipment or sponsor a boy to attend.

Camp Valor is a ministry
of Gideon Academy - a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Christian school.  Your donation receipt will have Gideon Academy on it.

Camp Valor goes to Fontana, Ca

 Over 40 boys are scheduled to be trained at Fountain of Truth Family Worship Center (FTC) in Fontana, Ca in Summer 2014.  This mobile training event is becoming a great blessing!


To help young men build a relationship with Christ through training in military principles then relating them to Godly values.


No matter what else we're doing, we hold steadfast to three values that are supported by commitment and define who we are:

  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Discipline


To create an environment where young men can grow into Godly men.